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Sleeveless crew Neck ribbed Skirt

Sleeveless crew Neck ribbed Skirt

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This sleeveless dress is a testament to both elegance and comfort, crafted from the finest 100% Pima cotton. Its medium length gracefully accents the silhouette, falling just above the knees with a subtle flair.

The intricate 2 by 2 ribbed pattern adds texture and depth to the fabric, creating a visually captivating look while maintaining a soft, breathable feel against the skin. The ribbing also offers a gentle stretch, ensuring a flattering fit that contours to the body's curves.

With its crew neck design, this dress exudes timeless sophistication, framing the neckline with understated charm. The absence of sleeves enhances its versatility, allowing for effortless layering or baring the arms with grace.

What sets this dress apart is its innovative construction. Crafted as a single, seamless piece using 3D knitting technology, it boasts a flawless finish and impeccable attention to detail. This cutting-edge technique not only ensures durability but also minimizes waste, aligning with a commitment to sustainability and craftsmanship.

Whether worn for a casual outing or a special occasion, this knitted masterpiece combines style and substance in equal measure, inviting admiration with every step.



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