A truly unique and sustainable fashion brand

Combining and creating cutting edge software and machine, our goal is to design, produce and sell knitwear that not only looks great, but also feels great and fits perfectly!

Our innovative and efficient workflow minimizes waste of energy and material, our transparent and collaborative culture engages deep human connection, which makes it a truly unique and sustainable fashion brand!

All garments are made in Houston Texas!

Why On-Demand Personalized Garment

No more ill-fittings due to standardized sizes. Everyone is different.

No more unsold inventory dumped into landfills since our customers get to decide what will be made for them in the USA!

Welcome to the future of fashion! 


No more labor-intensive cutting and sewing of fabric pieces, which creates about 15% of waste-material. WHOLEGARMENT is knitted directly from yarns all in one piece.

No more itchy skin due to uneven surface seams inside of the garment. 

Welcome to our fashion revolution!

Why All-natural Material

Clothes made from natural yarns tend to be moisture-wicking, breathable, biodegradable and less likely to attract dirt. These qualities are perfect for the health of our skin!

No more extra pollution into the environment because we only use 100% all-natural materials, and we are planning a trade-in program. 

Currently we store 100% Pima Cotton, which is less than 10% of the cotton produced each year. Pima cotton is  extra-long staple (ELS) cotton, which is perfect for high quality garments.

All natural is the new luxury!