Explore Fashion's Future: Seamless Wholegarment

Explore Fashion's Future: Seamless Wholegarment

Explore Fashion's Future: Seamless Wholegarment

Say goodbye to traditional labor-intensive methods that generate up to 15% waste material. Our revolutionary wholegarment technology knits garments directly from yarns in a single, seamless piece.

Embrace Comfort and Quality

Bid farewell to itchy skin caused by uneven surface seams. Our seamless construction ensures a smooth, luxurious feel inside and out.

Join the Fashion Revolution

Step into a world where innovation meets sustainability. Upgrade to Seamless wholegarment for unparalleled style and eco-friendly practices.

About the Author

Ying Yi

CEO & Founder of My Knitever

In the vibrant landscape of the fashion realm, where creativity intertwines with elegance, there shines a beacon of inspiration: Ying Yi. Originally a physicist, Ying pivoted her career path towards becoming a fashion entrepreneur, carving her niche from the catwalks of Houston to the forefront of sustainable fashion.

Fueled by an unwavering passion for innovation and a profound commitment to transforming the industry, Ying's journey is nothing short of remarkable. Her mission? To tackle head-on one of fashion's most pressing issues: sustainability. Motivated by firsthand observations of the environmental impact of the fashion world, Ying embarked on a quest for a better, more conscientious approach.

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