An Eco-Chic Fashion Label

An Eco-Chic Fashion Label

Introducing an avant-garde fashion label that marries technology and style for the modern consumer. Our mission is clear: to craft and deliver knitwear that epitomizes excellence in appearance, comfort, and fit.

Through a pioneering blend of software and machinery, we streamline our operations to optimize efficiency and minimize resource consumption. Our commitment to transparency fosters collaboration and fosters authentic human connections, setting us apart as a distinctive and eco-conscious fashion entity.

Proudly crafted in the heart of Houston, Texas, each garment embodies our dedication to quality and sustainability.

About the Author

Ying Yi

CEO & Founder of My Knitever

In the vibrant landscape of the fashion realm, where creativity intertwines with elegance, there shines a beacon of inspiration: Ying Yi. Originally a physicist, Ying pivoted her career path towards becoming a fashion entrepreneur, carving her niche from the catwalks of Houston to the forefront of sustainable fashion.

Fueled by an unwavering passion for innovation and a profound commitment to transforming the industry, Ying's journey is nothing short of remarkable. Her mission? To tackle head-on one of fashion's most pressing issues: sustainability. Motivated by firsthand observations of the environmental impact of the fashion world, Ying embarked on a quest for a better, more conscientious approach.

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