Who We Are

Ying Yi 

Dr. Ying Yi

Founder of M&Y Knitever LLC

Be the change you wish to see in this world! – Mahatma Gandhi

Dr. Yi was born and grew up in a businessman’s family in China and came to the USA in 2007. In China, Ying witnessed the dramatic growth of a developing country and the drastic pollution industrialization brings. In 2011, Ying completed a doctorate degree in Physics from University of Houston and has been teaching since then. She is currently a highly respected, full-time professor at Lone Star College, inspiring about 100 students of diverse backgrounds and personalities each semester. She has been an activist in environmental care concerns for several years! She considers herself a lifelong learner with huge compassion for people and planet Earth!

The birth of M&Y Knitever LLC

On April 21st, 2022, at a Houston Runway fashion show, Ying was inspired by the knitted elements in Coral Castillo's designs, and decided to seek a sustainable path for the fashion industry.

In September 2022 she and her husband founded an on-demand, personalized 3D knitting, sustainable and futuristic e-commerce company named M&Y Knitever LLC.

To position herself for success, Ying completed 200+ hours hands-on training with WholeGarment® knitwear manufacturer, Shima Seiki and a Fashion Design Management Certificate from eCornell University. 

From the M&Y Knitever LLC founders:

Our mission is to be the leader in personalized and sustainable fashion. 

Our vision is to use technology and innovative ideas to create personalized 3D knitwear to satisfy individual customer needs with zero waste to simultaneously take care of planet Earth!

Our values are integrity and innovation!