3D Body Scan Instructions

Please log in to your account and visit this page from your mobile device.

    Step 1: Body Scan agreement 

    Click the sign-up link to download the Size Stream Mobile Fit App with your phone number. Click "I Agree“ to allow us to access your Body Scan data. 


    Step 2: Scan

    Input Gender, Date of Birth, Height, Weight to start. Follow the audio instruction in positioning, so turn up the volume. For instance, hands in fist when taking a front picture, flat when taking a side picture. Only body contour will be used, no detailed body information will be stored or used. 

    Body Scan tips

    Step 3: Create your size profile 

    Please click the 'Import Scan' button below to import your scan data.  You will be presented with a list of available scan times. Next, create a profile name and select a scan time to create your personalized size profile. Multiple profiles can be created if you have multiple scans. 

    Create New Size Profile

    Current Size Profiles

    Name Scan Time Profile

    Selected Profile Size Measurement

    Name Value